Missionary Work

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Following Jesus' command to His followers to tell the entire world about Him (Matthew 28:18-20), our church faithfully partners with the broader Christian & Missionary Alliance to support missionary efforts around the globe through financial contributions and foreign mission trips.

In 2007, members from our congregation traveled to Burkina Faso in West Africa to visit with our international workers and provide funds for a radio outreach ministry and primary school projects. The team returned in 2012 to build a playground, outfit classrooms with desks, and teach students at the Alliance-founded Colma Primary School. We share the heart of our fulltime missionaries in their desire to bring both education and the life-saving message of Jesus Christ to these children and continue to support their efforts through prayer and the Alliance's Great Commission Fund.

In 2015, Mark & Charlene Sirca were commissioned by FAC and joined their dear friends Joseph & Leyna George in Tamil Nadu, India, to care for lepers and visit orphans in partnership with the Georges' burgeoning ministry, Jireh India Mission, launched two years prior when the Lord called the couple to leave behind their careers in the United States and minister to the poorest children of southern India.

The Sircas worked alongside other volunteers in preparing and packaging meals, and delivering food and wheelchairs to those in need. Mark was also given an opportunity to preach and teach at a Bible training center during their stay. In 2018, Mark & Charlene reunited with the Georges and returned to the field, this time taking along their three teenage children: Jedrek, Isaac, & Chloe.

Mission Fact of the Day
10 of Sudan's 162 people groups have Christianity as their primary religion, and 138 have Islam as their primary religion.
Unreached People Group of the Day

Bedouin, Sanusi


Primary Language
Arabic, Libyan Spoken

Primary Religion

% Evangelical